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Iain McDonald

Managing Director, The Perth Distillery Company

Iain is the Founder and Managing Director of The Perth Distillery Company, a small batch craft distillery producing premium spirit in the very heart of the Fair City right next to the River Tay.

With a background of 30 years experience on a journey working in transport infrastructure and civil engineering project management, Iain took a different direction in 2017 when he established the company with a goal of building the Perth Gin brand encompassing the rich heritage of Perth in everything they do.

Dewar’s, Bell’s and Famous Grouse were all once major figures in the Fair City however none of the brands, all proudly emblazing Perth on the labels which still travel across the world, ever truly produced spirit in the city, and it is this goal which Iain aspires to lead on in growing the premium Perth brand along with the creation of premium employment opportunities.

Raised and educated in Perth, Iain has strong views and a vision on returning Perth to its former standing, building on its geographical and environmental grandeur and place, to develop the social end economic benefits it once enjoyed and must rightly return.

When not producing premium gin Iain can usually be found up a Munro.

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