Head and Shoulders Lynn Erasmus

Lynn Erasmus

CEO, SYMBL Third Sector

Lynn is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur & journalist, international keynote speaker on culture & change, author of Break Those Damn Rules, and CEO of SYMBL – (Social Young & Multinational Business Leaders CIC) – growing inclusive business leaders of tomorrow.
She helps companies create a winning culture by sharing insightful knowledge, strategies, and actionable results that will allow their teams and leaders to adapt and embrace change. She transforms apathetic, procrastinating, and toxic work cultures – into happy staff members, who then support your values and vision - leading to an increase in profits and high retention rates of staff and customers/clients.

SYMBL CIC was recently launched to unite, develop, educate, connect, and celebrate young people, young professionals & multinationals to prosper and grow into successful business leaders, by offering training, coaching, networking, mental health support & mentorship opportunities.

In South Africa, she built her newspaper, Your Money, from the ground up, created high-profile & large-scale events, taught entrepreneurship to 1000s of disadvantaged youths & coached the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber members before leaving in 2019.

In 2021 she launched her keynote career and Pathfinder, which evolved into SYMBL. She won the Great British Entrepreneur Foreign Innovation Award, is IOD Tayside's I&D Ambassador, Perthshire Businesswomen committee member, Humane Tech supporter & a fierce suicide prevention activist.

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