Strategic Framework

Delivering positive, sustainable change for people and business.

There are a number of strategic documents that provide the framework for Perth City Leadership Forum and Perth Ambassadors, and assist the working groups in setting the agenda for positive change.

Created by leading stakeholders and enterprise forums across the area, these cover a number of key economic priorities, advances in infrastructure and equality for all.

In order to execute this we need a clarity of vision, a clarity of purpose and a belief that Perth can grow to become even greater than it is now. In 2020 Perth City Leadership Forum set out a vision to become one of the most sustainable small cities in Europe.

Today, that vision sits at the heart of or strategic framework and with increasing onus on cities to play a role in commitments on sustainability, we believe that Perth is uniquely well placed to lead the way, both here at home and on an international stage.

Perth is uniquely well-placed to lead the way on sustainability.

The Perth & Kinross Offer

The Perth & Kinross Offer is a plan to allow everyone to play their part in making our region a great place to live, work and visit. Outlined in full within the Economic Wellbeing Plan 2020­-2028, it was co-produced by the Business Task Force comprising of Business Gateway Tayside, Federation of Small Businesses, GrowBiz, Perth & Kinross Council, Perth Traders Association, Perthshire Chamber of Commerce and Perthshire Tourism Partnership. This extensive plan aims to promote economic recovery following the impact of covid­19, and summarises the progress in supporting businesses and individuals as well as the economic impact on the local economy to date.

Perth City Development Plan

The third edition of the Perth City Plan sets out an agenda for action through to 2040. Produced by the Perth City Development Board (now the Leadership Forum), Perth City Plan 3 calls for businesses, communities, civil society and public sector bodies to work together to achieve growth. The need to transform and modernise our city, while protecting and celebrating the qualities that make it a special place, are all considered in this extensive document.

Perth City Development Plan

Tay Cities Deal : Full Terms

Tay Cities Deal brings together public, private and voluntary organisations in the council areas of Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth & Kinross to deliver a smarter and fairer region. The Full Deal was signed in February 2021, with the addition of a commitment to take account of covid-19 when developing the agreed business cases, ensuring all investments remain relevant and sustainable.

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Tay Cities Regional Deal