Why Become an Ambassador?

Now, more than ever before, it is crucial for the business leaders of our area to come together and to effect real and meaningful change.

As we emerge from what is surely one of the most historical economic challenges of our generation, there is an opportunity to create a new, exciting future for our area. As a senior business leader, we would like to invite you to consider a role as a Perth Ambassador.

  • Position yourself as a key influencer in Perth's economic and strategic planning.
  • Have your voice heard in the conversations that will shape Perth's future direction.
  • Access senior decision makers in local government and the private sector.
  • Gain insight, knowledge and intelligence around future strategy and economic influencers.
  • Join your peers for quality networking opportunities and hear from influential speakers.
  • Access exclusive marketing assets to assist you in promoting and supporting Perth and the wider area.
You can shape the city in which you live and work.

Perth is one of the four local authority partners to have secured £400M in investment in the form of the Tay Cities Deal. The Deal is now underway and will serve to further energise activity to deliver improved outcomes for the region’s people, places, businesses, and communities.

In order to ensure we maximise this, and other game-changing prospects, we need people like you to influence the decisions, spread the message and ensure Perth's offer reaches a regional, national and international stage.

You can do all of this, with a role as a Perth Ambassador.

Want to know more? Find out about the requirements of the role and apply.

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28 May 2021
Why I chose Perth. Iain Hutchison.

Your City Needs You

We seek individuals who demonstrate real commitment to the area and who are passionate about raising Perth's profile as the first choice place to live and work in Scotland and the UK.

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