Current Projects and Campaigns

Become involved in something big.

Rather than asking for an annual membership fee or contribution, we actively encourage our Ambassadors to support the various strands of the Strategy through an investment of time.

This could be as simple as a couple of hours a month sharing current campaigns and editorial via personal or business communication channels, or it might be joining or supporting a working group that will benefit from an individual's specific skill set and expertise.

Whatever the project, however large or small, the aim is to produce a widespread, consistent, clear narrative and to drive forward change and innovation that will both stimulate the local economy and ensure Perth remains one of the UK's most desirable locations to live and visit.

The aim is to produce a widespread, consistent, clear narrative.

Perth Ambassadors supports a range of local campaigns and initiatives that you can champion through your involvement in the network.

  • Shop Local, Place Management Team at Perth & Kinross Council
    An ongoing campaign in response to the impact of covid-19 on retail, hospitality and tourism businesses. Open to all, the request is simply to help spread the word by sharing graphics, videos and messages via your personal and business social media channels, blogs or newsletters. Find the toolkit in the Ambassadors Dashboard.

  • Perth Gift Card Relaunch, Place Management Team at Perth & Kinross Council
    A specific campaign targeting the £41,000 of live Perth Gift Card spend currently sitting in this local currency programme. The relaunch has enabled online shopping as well as an additional 12 month spending window due to covid-19. Over 100 businesses currently accept the card. Find the toolkit in the Ambassadors Dashboard.

  • Perth Ambassadors 2021, Perth City Leadership Forum and Invest in Perth
    It is our aim by the end of 2021 to have established a network of 100 senior business leaders in the area. We have specifically remodelled the programme to ensure quality, experience and proactive individuals are recruited to get behind the the Perth & Kinross Offer. Please contact Kirsty Easton should you wish to join this working group.

Your City Needs You

We seek individuals who demonstrate real commitment to the area and who are passionate about raising Perth's profile as the first choice place to live and work in Scotland and the UK.

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