Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer in Perth

Steven Bonthrone

Personal Trainer and Running Coach, Steve Bonthrone Personal Trainer Event Director, Perth 10k race Event Director, Perth parkrun

I want to inspire the people of Perth to get outdoors, become more active, discover their surrounding areas and feel good about themselves again.

Back pain inspired me to work on my own health and fitness and did so by running a marathon. As you do!

Running the marathon changed my life and inspired me change career and help others achieve the things they previously didn't believe were possible for them, as I had just done.

Since the pandemic, and lockdowns, I've transformed my business to operating outdoors in the greenspace of Perth.

I believe in going after the things you've always wanted to do and work on getting your body moving better, eating better and sleeping better to support that pursuit. Getting fit and losing weight are things that happen naturally along the way.

Our problem is that we spend the majority of our time sitting down and as a result, stiffen up. That's why I believe in creating specific exercises for each person I work with, that they can practice little and often throughout the day so that they can feel more energised in everything they do and perform better when they run or in a workout.

Exercise, to me, is more than a means to an end. It's about improving your mental health as well as your physical health. It's about feeling a difference in your work and how you feel as much as your weight.

I'm here to guide you every step of the way to a better you

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