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As the workforce of the world beds into the new rules of hybrid working between home and office, and the need to cut our corporate carbon footprint becomes increasingly urgent, the question surrounding the financial and environmental economies of a head office base has never been more pertinent.

Arguably, every company needs a base. If lockdown has taught us anything it’s that working in a silo only sustains a workforce for so long. Industry thrives and grows on the personal relationships and the nurturing of human capital that happens best in close proximity.

While it has become clear that we can do things differently, and that a flexible approach to work and life can improve efficiencies, studies have also shown that for some the social disconnect over an extended period could impact on mental wellbeing and productivity in the future – especially among those people who thrive on interacting with colleagues and clients to swap and shape ideas.

One solution that could satisfy all parties is to reconsider the location of a business’s head office. Traditionally, headquarters are based in large urban centres, usually at the end of a stressful commute for management and workers.

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Consider Perth & Kinross for your Head Office Location

As businesses look to re-evaluate which components of their operation are necessary to produce a healthy bottom line and a happy, productive workforce, the age-old question of location, location, location has been pushed under the microscope. The question now is: are you really in the best place you could be?

Value for Money Headquarters in Scotland

Property will be one of the most significant costs on your balance sheet. In Perth and Kinross, the cost of commercial land and property, and the associated business rates, is significantly lower than its Edinburgh comparatives, just 45 minutes away.

Quality and choice though remain high; an excellent example is the 9000m2 at Pitheavlis (see back page) offering flexible office space with on-site solar energy generation, landscaped grounds and amenities such as a café, gym and public courtyard.

Connectivity for Business

Increasingly, all businesses require quick, reliable routes for both operational logistics and ease of commuter movement. Perth offers unrivalled links by road, air, rail and sea and it is widely acknowledged that the area is a strategic hub in the Scottish transport network.

Principal road routes connecting the central belt to north and north-east Scotland converge here and this infrastructure is currently undergoing major improvements as part of the Perth Transport Futures Project.

Best Location for Access To A Talent Pool in Scotland

When it comes to attracting the right people, geographical location cannot be underestimated and Perth’s exceptional situation places it within an hour’s drive of 75% of the Scottish population.

Based in the heart of the Tay Cities region, Perth has access to a stream of talent from Perth College UHI, Abertay University, University of Dundee and University of St Andrews. As well as this, the area benefits from several skills academies and employability support services.

Lifestyle Experience of the Workforce

From time spent in the commute to where you walk at lunchtime, the cost of buying a home to how your free time is spent, your business location impacts significantly on the lifestyle of your head office workforce.

From one of the lowest commute times of any Scottish city, to exceptional schools, a fantastic outdoor playground and multiple cultural venues, Perth offers quality of life for all ages.

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Gordon Wilson of Carbon Financial

Being so central, with easy access to the roads network, was key to our original decision to base the company in Perth.

Carbon Financial Partners Ltd is one of the UK’s leading independent financial planning firms. An award-winning business with offices in various Scottish cities and a fast-expanding London presence.

Gordon Wilson, Managing Director for Carbon Financial explains his decision to base their HQ in Perth: “The business has expanded considerably over the last decade and we now have a 40-strong office presence in Perth, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow and London to handle our clients’ financial affairs. Recently, we were casting around for new and easily accessible premises but there was never any question of moving our headquarters from Perth.

“Being so central, with easy access to the roads network, was key to our original decision to base the company in Perth. It remains a great location. We are delighted to relocate to offices in the Whitefriars Business Park, which has already attracted a number of local, regional and national businesses.”

Operations Director for the company, Shireen Fernie, commented, “People don’t miss the commute, but they have felt the loss of working relationships and external stimuli. It’s the chance conversations, listening to different people with different experiences, the exposure to new ideas and the small snippets of information we pick up as part of the working day that we have missed acutely. Covid has shown that it’s time to embrace a new, hybrid model that works for everyone.”

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The Invest in Perth team is partnered with multiple property agents to assist investors and developers seeking to relocate to our region.

Our collaborative method of working encourages enterprise and innovation throughout the region and promises interested investors and large multi-nationals a partner dedicated to providing:

• Property advice and assistance with site location

• Support in applications for development and planning

• Guidance on investment incentives and funding

• Access to talent pools and the local skills base

• Introductions to relevant partners and enterprise networks

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