Dawn Cotton Fuge

Owner, Precious Sparkle Lead, City Centre Regeneration, Perth City Leadership Forum Retail Trade

Born and raised in New York, Dawn attended LaGuardia High School of the Arts (the "Fame" school) where she was a vocal major. Dawn arrived in the UK to study at Durham University. After finishing her degree in Anthropology & Sociology she completed the LLB and Diploma in Legal Practice at Edinburgh University. She began her career as a solicitor with Simpson & Marwick specialising in personal injury litigation.

In 2005 she realised a lifelong dream to start her own business. This was run online for many years when online shopping was still in its infancy. In 2010 she took the plunge and opened her first shop in Perth. She now runs her lifestyle & giftware shop with a fantastic team at 4-6 Bridge Lane in Perth opposite the Concert Hall as well as a busy online shop. Sustainability is a constant goal and at the heart of what she does and the products she sources.

Dawn is Lead for City Centre Regeneration in the Perth City Leadership Forum. She was Co-chair of Perth Traders Association from 2017-2021. She is passionate about Perth, its people and its potential.

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