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Nicola Martin

Managing Director, Red String Ltd Creative Industries

As a Communications and Brand Strategy expert, Nicola is firm in her belief that Perth Ambassadors are the key to unlocking Perth’s strategic story.

Having spent over 25 years in marketing, PR, and business development, Nicola has witnessed incredible change and industry innovation. From faxing typed press releases to local news in the '90s, to appearing via Zoom on international webinars, her career – as with so many of her peers – has spanned one of history’s most exciting and fast-paced communication eras.

However, there is one constant that has remained true throughout every technological evolution, and every throw of the trend-setting dice. And that is that a powerful, consistent narrative will always shine through in the end.

This belief in a well-crafted story has held Nicola’s interest and fuelled her passion for communications for almost three decades. Coupled with a razor sharp mind for big, creative ideas and endless attention to tiny details, Nicola’s voice can be found behind many of the area’s leading campaigns and strategic messages.

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